Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday Spotlight | RESURRECTION by Rob Lockett

About the Book:

Publication: March 23rd, 2020
Publisher: Amazon Kindle
In the beginning there was Adam.... A world-weary global backpacker working as a bartender in Southern England; his life starts to take a series of downward turns and his thoughts start to become dark, very dark. Supernatural forces are circling Adam and he makes a deal that will see him play host to one of the most demonic antagonists to grace the pages of History. His world is quickly overtaken as he bears witness to a series of encounters that will set off a chain of terrifying events in both the UK and the USA. Adam quickly learns the terrifying ease in which humanity can ultimately be corrupted.

A new leader rises in a religious cult/ militia that have waged war against a foreign enemy. Is this the same man?

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About the Author:

Rob is a full-time English Teacher who has spent the last 9 years inspiring students to craft sophisticated stories and working on a novel in his spare time. He is an aspiring author who has had short stories published in Opus magazine, written plays and productions that have been performed at Newcastle Civic Theatre and in schools in western NSW. He currently lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife Chivonne and 1 year old daughter, Harper after having previously lived in Mudgee, Dubbo and Broken Hill.

Resurrection he began writing while living and working in a pub outside Reading in 2008 and there are elements of his life experiences in the work until the point that all plummets into chaos and into the depths of a supernatural downfall/political thriller.

Resurrection is his first novel and has had excerpts featured on Wattpad, gaining 2,500 views and winning third place in the ACE awards in 2019. Lockett has a devout fanbase on Wattpad and looks to extend this into a feature blog and across Twitter. Authors that have inspired his writing style: Chuck Paluhniuk, Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Christopher Marlowe and Herman Hesse.

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