Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday Spotlight | ECCLESIA'S TABLE by Mason S. Haynie

About the Book:
ECCLESIA'S TABLE by Mason S. Haynie
Publication: March 28, 2021
Publisher: Mason S. Haynie

The world is a wasteland. It always has been. Moshe, Amaru, and Reenu have never known anything other than the desert wasteland that raised them. When the rumor arises that something other than barren landscape could be out there, the three of them make haste for an abundant future. Upon arrival at this established society, the group quickly learns how and how not to get along amidst group dynamics and seemingly sinister mystery. The trials and social politics that Moshe, Amaru, and Reenu face teach them that some rules are useful and some are meant to be broken. Have a seat at Ecclesia's Table.

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About the Author:

Hello reader! Hope you're enjoying my dystopian satire novel: Ecclesia's Table! Although it's my only my debut, I've been involved with writing my whole life. I've worked as a writing coach, I regularly contribute to an online music publication (, and I maintain a personal blog ( that explores culture, theology, and my own life events. Outside of writing, I enjoy being a part of the creative process, be it through vocal/instrumental performance, audio production, or video editing. I'm currently 25 years old and living with my wife Kimberly in Southern California.

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