Friday, September 14, 2018

DR. GRASS by Grania Davis

Grania Davis died last April 28 of 2017. I know that seems a gloomy way of starting a blog, but today is a gloomy day here in our small spot in the globe. It's been cloudy all day and the temperature dropped to 2°C. Gloomy days make me want to reach out to my comfort books, but they are still buried inside boxes (Which box? I am not entirely sure.) in the basement. Anyways, DR. GRASS by Grania Davis is one of those cheer-me-up books for me.

Dr. Ernest Spiegelglass, MD, is a family practice resident at Carmel Hospital in San Francisco. His friends call him Doc Sparrowgrass. He is a hippie to the core and rides his skateboard to work every day. Unlike any other doctor, Dr. Grass treats his patients in a very unique manner and not the usual “by-the-book” procedure. He believes that heart-to-heart is the best way to go. But sometimes his unconventional ways fish him troubles.

Dr. Grass is one of the first books I got since high school days.  His weed-induced fantasies are odd, bordering shameless. The texts are very illustrative and explicit. I’ve reread it many times and it's always good to know that it can still make me laugh (like bwahahaha out loud).

It is a sad thing that Ms. Davis is no longer with us and nobody ever bothered reprinting copies since 1978, but if you do find one, consider yourself lucky. Dr. Grass can cure your gloomy day… for sure!”

Book Details:
Book Title:  Dr. Grass
Author:  Grania Davis
ISBN: 0-380-01872-1
Published: March 1978, Avon Books
Genre: Fiction
Review Rating: ★★★★


  1. read this in middle school. it was in my dad's library in the early 70's. I still have the copy. i didn't realize she wrote other books. i thought the author was a male for years.

    1. Whew, good to know that there is another living copy out there!

  2. Oh, Grania Davis was a guy??? Holy smokes! I think Dr. Grass is a great book, and I just thought about it today because a friend said he dreamed last night that he was swimming with dolphins, just as Dr. Grass does at the beginning of the book. I seem to remember he described being aroused in a specifically male way, so again I say holy cow! I've read only one other book or short story in which a female described a male POV so well.

    I liked Dr. Grass's initial relationship with a hot babe with whom he has only one thing in common - sex - and the way that he develops a relationship with a somewhat dowdy girl who blooms into babedom through the relationship. I also recall that there's big scene in which Dr. Grass does acid and almost freaks out. That was unexpected because he is portrayed as being real familiar with weed, so why should he get freaked out about doing acid? That's somewhat of a plot flaw, but overall the book is such a happy treat that the reader (i.e., me) doesn't care.

    Great book!

    Peace out -

  3. Nope, pretty sure Ms. Davis was a girl.
    She co-authored several fantasy books too, but this is the only book I have of her. I wish to have a copy of Moonbird someday, but no rush.
    Good luck on your travels, Tim!

  4. I am biased as Grania was my mom. Thanks for remembering her. Dr. Grass was a bit risqué (again maybe because it was written by my mom.) It's a great story written about a slice of time and still relevant given current health care conditions. Just had it released in Audio format. Please enjoy if you like. It's really good. Her other books are coming out in audio shortly.

    1. Wow, this is so awesome. I am excited!
      Thank you for this update.