Monday, September 3, 2018

Book Review | COSPLAY ARTBOOK VOL. 1 Fantasy Armor Concept Art by Gladzy Kei

If you love drawing, designing costumes, and thinking outside the box, well this is the art book for you! This artbook is designed as a visual narrative to showcase Gladzy's thought process whenever she designs original fantasy armored costumes. If you like standing out from a crowded comic convention, then this might help give you motivation by exploring your own creativity.

Cosplay gathers people together -from comic book collectors, anime lovers, and manga readers to gamers and sci-fi aficionados. I’ve seen some events, so believe me when I say that they really do come in flocks.

Most cosplayers put loads of effort dressing up and some even took it to the next level, personalizing their favorite costumes, to make it their very own. They literally spend hours designing and perfecting their costumes - meticulously paying attention to every detail and spending thousands of dollars to finish them.

Cosplay takes a huge chunk of commitment, too, that’s why it’s really awesome finding artists who would gladly share their designs, techniques, and visions to turn costume dreams to full reality. 

Finding a copy of COSPLAY ARTBOOK (Vol. 1 Fantasy Armor Concept Art) by Gladzy Kei is a treasure trove. It is a grand source of ideas and inspiration for people who need direction on how to start their own envisioned cosplay costumes.

The book includes ideas on how to research for visual references, initial rough sketches, coloring processes and variation, and fabrication. Each page comes in full vivid color to encourage readers… it’s like buying her designed posters!

Book details:
Title: Cosplay Artbook Vol. 1 FantasyArmor Concept Art
Author: Gladzy Kei
Publication: January 23, 2018
Genre: Arts & Photography Books
Rating: ★★★★★

Gladzy Kei graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Design, majored in Illustration, from Alberta College of Art and Design.

If asked, she’d say Cosplay is her passion. Meanwhile, Gladzy Kei had gathered a huge fan base for her art. Her designs are recognized around the world and had won some really remarkable awards. She was recently invited as one of the jury’s panel at the European Cosplay Gathering Season 8, held in Paris, France.

Gladzy Kei is currently working on the COSPLAY ARTBOOK (Vol. 2 Creatures & Dragons).


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