Friday, November 6, 2015

FILIPINO FRIDAYS 2015 #1: Five Ways Reading Has Changed My Life

Hi, there. The Philippine literary world is gearing up towards the 5th Filipino Reader's Conference, happening on November 28, 2015, Saturday, 8am-6pm at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall, De La Salle University. And this year's theme is "Toward a Reading Revolution", which sounds pretty exciting as it is. To read more about it click here.

And with the FilReaderCon, comes to the weekly meme called Filipino Fridays, wherein Filipino book bloggers around the world are encouraged to take part.  In fact, most of us who joined before are looking forward to this. It's not only fun, but we also get to connect with our fellow readers out there, and, more than once, surprised by our similarities. 

This meme is sporting a new look, too. 

This Friday's prompt is:
#1: Five Ways Reading Has Changed My Life.
How do you think reading has changed your life? Please share with us at most five significant ways that will show how reading has influenced your life. These could be in terms of personality, career, studies, and other parts of your life this influence has taken place. :D

These come in no particular order:
  1. Reading is my anti-stress. Some people take a break by eating out, drinking out, watching a movie, or all of the above at the same time. I do all of those things, too. But to really unknot myself, I have to find and read myself a good book. Last summer, I remember reading more before I deliver a commencement or moving-up speech. Reading took away the anxiety of waiting for my turn and the possibility of making a fool of myself on the podium. 
  2. Reading made me understand people more.  We've all heard before that "fiction isn't real", but sometimes fiction can be more truthful than the real world. Reading made me realize that to truly understand people, I must accept what I don't understand and deconstruct my opinion about them. It made me listen more, taught me what not to say or do, and believe that others are a lot smarter than I am, so I have to keep my mouth shut.
  3. Reading gained me more friends.  Reading has led me to my bookish family, TFG. Having books as a common denominator amongst groups of people abate preferences and prejudice. 
  4. Reading made me adventurous. Others may not look at this the same way I do. Reading didn't prompt me to go hiking in the woods or sky jump, but it made me confident and braver. Whenever challenges occur, I try channeling a book character that never backs out from a life test. It made me try unconventional ways to overcome them, too.
  5. Reading keeps me young.  Or, young at heart. Reading keeps me connected with young people. It makes building a bridge towards them a lot easier for me, makes me more relatable. 

If you feel like joining the Filipino Fridays, read the instructions here


  1. Yay to reading keeping us young! :) Posting my (late) Filipino Friday in a bit. Have a happy weekend, Louize! :)