Monday, June 22, 2015

Book Review | FLAWLESS by Sarah Lemmon

Upon arriving in Grimaven, Katerina (Kat) almost got kidnapped by a couple of scientists. Thanks to Kaithe, a cat-like human hybrid, intercepted and rescued her. Kaithe isn’t the last astonishing person Kat is going to meet on that eventful day, and they all live in a warehouse, hiding from the grid.

This is that kind of story wherein the reader has to take the dive first and then figure things out along the way. The premise of the story is quite interesting. Ms. Lemmon created an alternative reality very much like our own. It was set in the future, wherein people had moved beyond human aesthetic improvements to full human perfection, by adding animal DNA and advanced technological capabilities into the mix. Unfortunately, perfection came with a price, experimentation has to be done along the way, and naturally born humans have to play as lab rats, whether they agree or not.

The plot moved along nicely, it was practically a breeze, but my questions kept piling up as I move along, leaving holes, and eventually weakening the aforementioned nicely moving plot. I also felt that the characters were not fully realized. No backgrounds to speak of either, other than the fact that they were among the imperfect experiments.

Although I wish the climax had more oomph into it, there were some exciting parts too. This wouldn’t be a dystopian piece without any full-contact fight scenes and actions, which Ms. Lemmon managed to execute rather convincingly. So, yes, the book could use some further tweaking, especially the cover, but it promises some good potential too, generally speaking.

Book details:
Title:  Flawless
Author:  Sarah M. Lemmon
Publication: December 20, 2013
Genre:  Sci-fi, YA
Rating:    ★★★

*An ebook copy was sent by the author in exchange for my honest review.


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