Thursday, June 25, 2015

Book Review | Arrival: From The Sky by David McGowan

 Arrival:  From The Sky by David McGowan     Camberway is like any small northern California town. An everyday community living everyday lives.

Until the arrival.
When the ground starts to shake beneath their feet...When the noises crash through the skies above their heads...When the giant UFOs appear and send down their beams, their terrible beams...
Everything changes in Camberway, as a series of bizarre events, change all of their lives, forever.
What will become of Camberway and the people who call it home?
Will anyone survive? Why are the giant UFOs here? what do they want? ~Goodreads

I love watching alien movies –ET, Star Wars, Star Trek, Independence Day, and Superman- just to name a few. But for some reason, I am not keen on reading about them. Just when a flying disk and the twinkling lights are mentioned, I’d roll my eyes silly. So for me, it was a good thing that McGowan had this good array of characters, each one having their own voice -each of them has their own life troubles to deal with- making them realistic and relevant. I realize that it’s really challenging to keep up with different characters all at the same time, so I really hope the story will hold it all together.

McGowan is quite a storyteller too. The plot moves along nicely, not fast enough like I wanted to, but the story is very readable and interesting enough that it kept me pushing on. I love the bond between Tucker and Samuel.  I guess that’s one of the push. There’s a mystery surrounding these two and I pretty much want to get some answers. Which brings us to the plot in general; I did hope that McGowan answered some questions along the way. I get that the mystery has to be tight, exciting, and all that, but leaving a good bone to chew is always a good reason to come back for the sequel.

Book details:
Title:  Arrival: From The Sky
Author: David McGowan
Publication:  September 15, 2014
Genre:  Science Fiction
Rating:  ★★★

*A copy was sent by the author in exchange for this unbiased review.


  1. Thanks so much for the review! Part 2 - JOURNEY - is almost ready. I'll send you a copy when it's done if you'd like me to? :)