Friday, January 2, 2015

My Year 2014 in Blogging

2nd Bloggy Birthday

Was it not just yesterday that The Page Walker celebrated its 1st birthday? I believe this calls for some looking back...

In 2014, we interviewed six (6) authors via Author's Friday. We had first dibs on six (6) cover reveals through the First Glimpse. And, Wednesday Spotlight highlighted twelve (12) books from independent authors. While Say It With A Book featured six (6) awesome guest book reviewers with a book of their choice.

I didn't manage to write some book thoughts from last year's reading list. I will do my best to jot them down even though January is going to be very busy for me since I am moderating this month's TFG book.

Last year, I tried to cross-link my blog posts to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  It was sort of experimental trying out Twitter. I realized that I can't advise people to use or not to use twitter if I haven't tried it myself. I rarely go there and even rarely post or leave a comment. I believe it works for most people, but I guess I am not up to that sort of social networking, in spite of all the interesting people there. So after a year, I will close my Twitter account. Thank you to those who indulged and added me on their list of friends there.

I'm thinking of changing the blog layout, and I don't have any changes in mind other than that. 

BTW, I am giving away a Kindle copy of Station Eleven: A novel by Emily St. John MandelI've viewed a summary of my blog visitors, so raffle will be available for the top 5 followers: Ukraine, US, Canada, Philippines, and Germany. Winners will receive the gift via email.

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Congratulations, Meliza!


  1. Hey! Happy Bloggy Birthday! It's always great reading your blog posts and features. More to come! :)

  2. UY! Station Eleven! Joining this! :D

  3. I lost in the December auction so I'm going to join the raffle. Hehe! Happy birthday to your blog. :)

    1. Congratulations, Meliza!
      Pls, check your email. :)

    2. Wow! Thank you! Will check my email. :)