Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Year 2014 in Reading

Year-ends, as per usual, is always a frenzy. Besides the fact that we have to make a list of gifts and check it twice, we also have to do the same thing with the Media Noche list and book list. And these lists have one thing in common. They symbolize hope for the coming year.

I did not meet my reading goal of 70 books this year. Like any reader, I hit some reading slumps along the way. But I don't feel like kicking myself for getting affected, because 2014 gave different kinds of accomplishment.

Being part of The Short Story Station is one of those accomplishments. Discovering and rediscovering writers through short stories gave me a new perspective on reading. In fact, it was through short stories that I was able to haul myself from the slumps. And most of my best reads this year are short story collections and independent short stories.

Finishing my "Dare You to Read" challenge is another accomplishment. I'm quite happy finishing those three (3) books. I hope TFG will continue this activity for 2015.

I made some really awesome buddy reading this year, too. I finished A Dance with Dragons, the 5th installment from the Song of Ice and Fire, with the wenches of TFG. Reading White Teeth with Monique turned me into a Zadie Smith fan.

I finished all David Mitchell's published books this year. He made me laugh, cry, grieve, and fall in love. Hopefully, I'd be able to do the same with the rest of my favorite authors come 2015.

This year, I've read:

  • 60 books 
  • 3 dared to read 
  • 3 for FRCA 
  •  5 ARC 
  • 12 TFG-F2F books  
  • 2 rereads 
  • 12 are rated 5 stars  
  • 17 short stories
  • 6 are rated 5 stars
  • 8 from TSSS
For 2015, I am keeping the same reading goal of 70 books and finish the rest of the books in the unread shelf. With the addition of as many short stories as I possibly want to read. Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. 60 Books! Wow! It's not to far off from 70 naman. Hehe. And yes to short stories! :)