Thursday, January 3, 2013

TFG Christmas Party | December 2012

You may consider this as a late submission. It is, really. Twenty (20) days, thirteen (13) hours, and seven (7) minutes late. But, you see I have to wait until I descend from euphoria and shake off some of the clinginess before I can properly write this.

December 15, 2012, is TFG’s last F2F for the said year, and the book chosen was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  It was also our book club’s Christmas Party.  The event was really thematic; we have loot bags, party hats, and masks waiting on our tables, plus chocolates and candies everywhere.  No one can deny that the electricity of excitement was shooting in every direction, and we felt nothing but love for each other.

The discussion was not hurried, but yes, it was short to give way to the much-awaited party to commence.  Instead of the traditional stockings, we hanged eco-bags to hold all the goodies we’re about to receive.  And, I have to say, I am really happy, grateful, and blessed for the gifts I received.

   The party was a huge success.  Applaud and gratitude must go to the people who sweated and stressed themselves to make the party beyond possible.  Our heartfelt appreciation to all, who took time and attended the party.  Thank you to all the newbies, who braved their first F2F, I hope to see more of them on the next ones.  Everybody’s presence was the essence of fun.  It is needless to say that I love these people dearly.  They have added spice into my life, and my 2012 would not have been complete without their variant flavors into it.

I wish each and every one the love, peace, and success 2013 can profoundly offer.  And, to our dear and humble book club, I pray for God’s peace and speed ahead.  May the love and hope we share among us keep us banded together through all the trials ahead and always.


  1. That was really fun! I'm really excited to see more of the newbies in the upcoming discussions and watch our book club grow. :)

    1. Have you checked the 'Introduce Yourself' thread?
      Oh my! Those many young people signing up everyday, I feel obsolete, but really really excited to meet all of them. I think we should really consider bigger F2F venues. hehehehe

  2. I love those colors up there! What happy memories last December :) more to come!

    Looking forward to another fab year with you guys :D

  3. Ah, remembering this day still makes me smile. :)