Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Reading Goals, Plans and Resolutions

Welcome! I thought it was very significant to open this new blog with this theme. 2013 is barely starting and the air hums with expectations. New Year, new life, new possibilities, and I guess in my case -a new blog.

Let’s start with the reading goals for 2013. Last year wasn't so bad, although I didn't get to read as much as I want. I think 72 books, 20,062 pages were decent enough. So this year, I am considering finishing 75 books. Every month will be halo-halo (mix) of F2F Book of the Month, one or two from a series I am following, a literary winner, a Filipino-authored book, and/or from out of random (in which, I am very fond of). For this, I am going to provide a required reading list for every month *crossing fingers*.

Moving on to Plans. Well, this new blog is one of them. I realized that I’d be depending on this for the coming months, and maybe years. I’ll need something to really focus on other than being a mom, a teacher and a reader from now on. My husband is going abroad, for God-only-knows how long. So, I’ll be clinging to this blog like a-leech-on-a-foot to vent all my “would be” feelings, rants, and raves, since my hubby will not be here to accommodate all of that. I hope you’ll bear with me, please. I’ll be setting up the “My Bottle” page for this.

Lastly, My Resolutions. During the conception of this blog, Neil Gaiman posted his New Year’s Wish on Goodreads and on his journal. Bravery and Joy was his solemn wish for everyone. For someone afraid of scattering herself across the web, this all-out blogging will be my first step into bravery. So, pray for my sake and those who will follow me that I will find joy in blogging regularly instead of mopping around and missing my husband. My second step into bravery is to face our church ministry on my own. Well, not really alone. I’m just used to doing these things with my husband as partners. So, it seems, we will serve together still –me, here on this side of the planet; and him, on the other side –with a fervent prayer that it will work out.

Wish me luck and Godspeed!


  1. Leaving a comment to say: HAPPY NEW BLOG! Yay! :) Good luck with all your reading challenges, and with the changes in your home. I like how you quoted Neil Gaiman here -- I guess bravery is in order for all of us this year. :) I will pray for you guys, too. :)

  2. Yay! Finally, I can comment on your blog. This calls for a celebration although I felt a bit of sadness upon reading that your hubby is leaving. Well, I think blogging will keep the loneliness at bay because we are here to interact (even your Bottle posts).

    And oh, why not WordPress? Kidding! :)

  3. Hi, Louize!

    A new blog! Woot woot! Happy new year!

  4. Yay! Congrats, Louize :) here's to hoping for your continuous reading and blogging... cheers!

  5. YAAAAY!!! A new blog! I love the header, Louize! Congratulations! Will link you up in my blogroll, pronto! :)