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Book Review | MIRRORED HEAVENS by Rebecca Roanhorse

Between Earth and Sky, Vol. 3

Even the sea cannot stay calm before the storm. —Teek saying

Serapio, avatar of the Crow God Reborn and the newly crowned Carrion King, rules Tova. But his enemies gather both on distant shores and within his own city as the matrons of the clans scheme to destroy him. And deep in the alleys of the Maw, a new prophecy is whispered, this one from the Coyote God. It promises Serapio certain doom if its terrible dictates are not fulfilled.

Meanwhile, Xiala is thrust back amongst her people as war comes first to the island of Teek. With their way of life and their magic under threat, she is their last best hope. But the sea won’t talk to her the way it used to, and doubts riddle her mind. She will have to sacrifice the things that matter most to unleash her powers and become the queen they were promised.

And in the far northern wastelands, Naranpa, avatar of the Sun God, seeks a way to save Tova from the visions of fire that engulf her dreams. But another presence has begun stalking her nightmares, and the Jaguar God is on the hunt.



In the realm of fantasy literature, few things captivate the imagination like the intricate tapestries of gods, magic, and the struggles for power. Rebecca Roanhorse's Between Earth and Sky is a testament to this genre's enduring allure, offering readers a richly woven narrative that explores the destinies of its characters with depth and nuance. I don't think I have enough words to describe the wonders within this series.

The MIRRORED HEAVENS unfolds in the world of Meridian, where Serapio, the avatar of the Crow God Reborn, ascends as the Carrion King of Tova. His rule, however, is far from secure, as enemies conspire against him both from afar and within the city's walls. The matrons of the clans, with their own intricate webs of power and influence, see Serapio as a threat to be eliminated. This political intrigue is a hallmark of Roanhorse's storytelling, as she deftly navigates the complexities of leadership and the burdens it carries.

Amidst the turmoil, a new prophecy emerges from the Coyote God, foretelling Serapio's downfall unless he adheres to its ominous demands. Prophecy and fate are recurring themes in this installment, echoing the ancient struggle between free will and destiny.

Xiala, a character caught between worlds, faces her own trials as she returns to the island of Teek. Once estranged from sea's voice, she now finds herself in tune with the its whispers. Her journey is one of self-discovery and sacrifice, emblematic of the personal transformations that often accompany epic quests.

In the desolate northern wastelands, Naranpa, the avatar of the Sun God, grapples with visions of destruction that plague her sleep. Pursued by the Jaguar God, her narrative adds a layer of supernatural suspense, reminding readers that the gods themselves are players in Roanhorse's richly imagined world.

MIRRORED HEAVENS is the third installment in the Between Earth and Sky trilogy, a series that has garnered critical acclaim for its innovative blend of mythology and vibrant world-building. Roanhorse's work is a celebration of Indigenous storytelling, infusing traditional narratives with a modern sensibility that resonates with a wide audience.

For those who have followed the series, MIRRORED HEAVENS promises a conclusion that is heartbreaking, yet truly satisfying. Newcomers will find themselves enthralled by the complex characters and the vivid settings that Roanhorse masterfully creates. As the fates of Serapio, Xiala, and Naranpa intertwine, readers are invited to ponder the nature of power, the weight of prophecy, and the indomitable spirit of those who seek to forge their own destinies.

MIRRORED HEAVENS is available for readers seeking an escape into a world where the divine and the mortal coil around one another in an eternal dance of wills. I highly recommend this series.


About the Author:
Rebecca Roanhorse is a New York Times bestselling and Nebula, Hugo, and Locus Award-winning speculative fiction writer. She has published multiple award-winning short stories and novels, including two novels in The Sixth World Series, Star Wars: Resistance Reborn, Race to the Sun for the Rick Riordan imprint, and the epic fantasy trilogy Between Earth and Sky. She has also written for Marvel Comics and games (Echo, She-Hulk, Werewolf By Night, MoonKnight, and Chee’ilth) and for television, including FX’s A Murder at the End of the World, and the Marvel series Echo for Disney+. She has had her own work optioned by Amazon Studios, Netflix, and AMC Studios.
She lives in Northern New Mexico with her husband, daughter, and pup. She drinks a lot of black coffee.

Find more at and on Instagram at @RebeccaRoanhorse. Photograph by Emily Blasquez

*Thanks to Simon & Schuster CA / Saga Press for the printed ARC in exchange for this unbiased review.


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