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Blog Tour | Askefise by Rebecca Schmid

About the Book:

by Rebecca Schmid
Publication: 12 October 2022
Publisher: Schara Reeves Press
Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Tales of Redemeré: Book I

n. One who blows on ashes to bring them to flame.

In a time before the Great War has ravaged the land, two sisters stumble across a lone traveler who calls himself Tyron. They tell him that they’re just passersby. He tells them that he’s nobody.

They’re all lying.

When the sisters begrudgingly agree to take Tyron with them to safety, they have no idea what they set in motion. One thing’s for certain: The world of Eatris will never be the same.

For once Tyron has started, there’s no turning back.


"The story is splashed with action and romance, has simple but well done political intrigue, and includes thoughtful disability representation. It also pictures complex familial relationships and how trauma shapes us as we grow up. It got me engaged all the way through."
-Tiny Elf Arcanist
"it's a very well written book with a very solid storyline and characters that you can't help but root for."
"Overall, this is a great book for fantasy fans, with flawed but likeable characters in a detailed and fascinating world. Bring on book 2!"
-Books, Cats, Etc.


About the Author:

Rebecca Schmid is an author and pianist from upstate New York. She credits her parents for fostering her love of books and writing. With their encouragement, she has been writing since she was a teenager (though she cringes at the thought of those early drafts) along with her best friend and sister-in-law, Niamh Schmid. Together, they co-authored the series, A Daughter’s Ransom, debuting their first book in 2020. Both have continued to explore the TetraWorlds in solo works as well as joint projects.

While books and music take up most of her time, Rebecca enjoys dabbling in many other hobbies such as painting, horse riding, history, archery, hiking, martial arts, and more. If anyone asks her why she needs so many past times, her excuse is simple: “I’m researching…for my book, of course.”

You can find her on many different social media platforms under her imprint name, Schara Reeves Press (@ScharaReeves)

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