Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Blog Tour | OUR DARKEST HOUR by Gabriella E. Mari

About the Book:

Our Darkest Hour
by Gabriella E. Mari
Publication: October 2022
Genre: Paranormal

Our Darkest Hour’ is a gay love story centred around paranormal investigations. It features ghosts, demons, and one psychic who is slowly but surely coming to terms with his powers... and the feelings he develops for one of his colleagues.

Coming into his psychic powers by accident, Adrian Sinclair finds he has the ability to see and communicate with spirits yet zero understanding of how anything works. So when the YouTube-famous Crossroads Paranormal Research Society offers to take him under their wing, he knows he is in no position to refuse.

As Adrian learns what it means to be a paranormal investigator and how to navigate his newfound online celebrity status, he discovers that psychics are quitting en masse, and there are only vague rumours as to why...

... until something beyond his reach starts stalking him.

"I think the romance was sensitive and well done and really hit me in the feels."
"...presented with a good dose of wit and layered plot lines."
-Tea leaves and Book leaves
"All in all its a very well written an entertaining read if a little lengthy and slow burning in spots with some very steamy bits!"
- GoodReadsMob


About the Author:

Born in Illinois, Gem originally wanted to become a storm chaser before settling on writing. Coming up with stories since the age of 10, she first cut her teeth on fanfiction, gaining quite a following for her unique takes and overall ability to create believable characters and scenarios.

She studied Creative Writing at university and earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. She works on exclusively original content these days. As a bi author, her main genres are a mix of gay (male) romance, fantasy, and reality, presented with a good dose of wit and layered (and sometimes darker-than-expected) plot lines.


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