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Blog Tour | THE WHISTLERS IN THE DARK by Victoria Williamson

The Whistlers In The Dark
by victoria Williamson
Publication: September 21, 2023
Genre: Middle-Grade Fiction
Rating: ★★★★

Scotland, 158 AD, is a divided country.

On one side of the Antonine Wall, thirteen-year-old Felix is trying to become a good Roman soldier like his father. On the other, twelve-year old Jinny is vowing revenge on the ‘metal men’ who have invaded her Damnonii tribe’s homeland. At the Damnonii’s sacred circle of standing stones, her planned attack on Felix goes badly wrong, awakening a legend that threatens to bring fire and destruction down on them all.

Can Jinny and Felix overcome their differences and soothe the stones back to sleep before it’s too late?

If you are looking for a historical fantasy that will transport you to ancient Scotland, you might want to check out The Whistlers in the Dark by Victoria Williamson. This is a Middle Grade novel that follows two young protagonists, Jinny and Felix, who live during the Roman occupation of Scotland, near the Antonine wall. Felix and the fort must deal with the threat of the local tribes, who are not happy with the Roman occupation, Meanwhile, Jinny is vent on revenge and keeping the Romans off their land. Until the standing stones came alive one night.

THE WHISTLERS IN THE DARK is a story of friendship, forgiveness, and adventure. Jinny and Felix have different backgrounds and motivations, but they learn to overcome their prejudices and work together to face their enemies. The novel is based on historical facts and legends, and it gives a vivid picture of life in Roman Britain and the culture of the Scottish tribes. The author also incorporates some elements of fantasy, such as the whistlers, who are inspired by Scottish folklore and add a touch of magic and mystery to the plot.

I enjoyed reading this novel because it was engaging, entertaining, and educational. I liked how the author balanced the historical and the fantastical aspects, and how she created realistic and relatable characters. I also appreciated how she addressed some important themes, such as revenge, loyalty, courage, and tolerance. The Whistlers in the Dark is a novel that will appeal to readers who love history, fantasy, and adventure. It is a fun and exciting read that will make you curious about Scotland's past and present.

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About the Author

Victoria Williamson is an award-winning author who grew up in Scotland surrounded by hills, books, and an historical farm estate which inspired many of her early adventure stories and spooky tales. After studying Physics at the University of Glasgow, she set out on her own real-life adventures, which included teaching maths and science in Cameroon, training teachers in Malawi, teaching English in China and working with children with additional support needs in the UK. Victoria currently works part time writing KS2 books for the education company Twinkl and spends the rest of her time writing novels, and visiting schools, libraries and literary festivals to give author talks and run creative writing workshops.

Her latest novel, The Pawnshop of Stolen Dreams, is a middle grade fantasy inspired by classic folklore. Twenty percent of the author royalties for this book are donated to CharChar Literacy, an organisation working to improve children’s literacy levels in Malawi.

You can find out more about Victoria’s books, school visits and free resources for schools on her website: