Saturday, January 2, 2021


Hi! By now, everyone must have jotted down their anticipated books for the year 2021. I am excited to share mine too, but I need to share my favorite reads from 2020 before all else.

My Best List is shorter this time, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I disliked the rest. In fact, I gave sixteen 5-star ratings for 2020.

WHEN WE WERE VIKINGS by Andrew David MacDonald - This book managed to squeeze in huge topics –alcoholism, poverty, healthcare, abuse, and equal opportunity for everyone. MacDonald employed a witty and affecting narrative that engages the reader straightforwardly. He emphasizes the essentials for security, as well as human growth and development.

ANXIOUS PEOPLE by Fredrik Backman - This book fleshes out people’s inner turmoil. Backman carries us into a narrative that allows us to see human vulnerability, including ours. And cleverly sways us to look at the dreariest of circumstances in a different light and challenges us to flex kindness all the time.

BLACK SUN by Rebecca Roanhorse - This book is the first in the Between Earth and Sky trilogy. Every detail of this book reveals in-depth research and rumination –the worldbuilding, the plot, and the ensemble of characters. Rebecca Roanhorse wrote a powerful starter.

MISS BENSON'S BEETLE by Rachel Joyce - How can a search for a beetle also be a discovery of one’s self? Of determination? Of friendship? This book has incredibly managed to provide me with the answers. Rachel Joyce can unfold life in small details -her stories are funny, poignant, and hopeful. And I would recommend her anytime.

If you have read these books, please share your thoughts. And if you have not picked them up yet, I highly encourage you to do so. Stay well and safe, my friends, and happy reading!


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  1. Hi Louize!

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for choosing my book as one of your favourites :)

    I hope your 2021 is filled with warmth and lovely words.

    All best,

    Andrew David MacDonald

    1. Thank you for sharing Zelda's story. It's a pleasure meeting and knowing her inside these pages. I look forward to reading your next book, Andrew.