Friday, July 31, 2020

Author's Friday | AUGUST ROMANCE

Hi there. How’s it going?

The summer heat is scorching, and there’s still a pandemic. The family and I binge-watched Avatar: The Last Airbender for the nth time, which we agree we will never get enough in one lifetime. Long walks through the city parks, with audiobooks tucked in my ears, helped lift some spirit. So let’s talk about the August Blog Project.

I am super excited for a particular project I wanted to explore for a long while now. August is Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa, a celebration of our culture, heritage, and identity through our languages, as the Filipino nation. August is also Romance Awareness Month and I figured that the best way The Page Walker can celebrate these two occasions is to feature Filipino Romance authors and their books each Friday of August.

These past months were hard. Books are one of the few things I hold hard on to keep me sane, Romance Books most especially. They are light and hopeful, waking those dulled areas in my brain. It addresses my need for human connection and inspiring me to reflect and reconnect. I am sure introverts can relate very well.

Romance is not easy for everyone. Well, for everyone who doesn’t want to try it, I mean. There is no reason to run for the hills. Romance Books are not forcing us to be more romantic than what’s comfortable. Instead, they give a bubblier perspective, inspiring us to take courage in the most unpredictable path. So for those who think that romance books are unmanly or cringeworthy, I am telling you, this pandemic is the most relevant time to try them.

For this project, I am collaborating with romance authors I’ve known for some years now. These are delightful authors who can deliver those “kilig” factors that can surely lift any readers.

So, stay tuned!



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