Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Wednesday Spotlight | Interstate Narcos by Stefen Farmer

About the Book:

August 23, 2019
Stefen Farmer
On the inside, he built a new team. On the outside, he has success on his mind and will stop at nothing to capture what he's been envisioning during his lengthy prison stay. The S-man said he's going to do things differently this time, and he meant it.

While keeping his business secret from, B, the love of his life, who has a secret of her own, things heat up in the bedroom and in the streets. With his new contacts and string of associates, the money piles up. Meanwhile, kidnappings and robberies turn in to murder investigations.

But nothing can stop the flow of things being transported from one state to the other as promised. David has a nonstop supply of products and clients of his own. To keep every bodies hunger in check, work is put around the clock.


About the Author:

I was born and raised in Washington D.C., but I've lived in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. I've seen a lot and have heard many different tails from the streets. My surrounding-influence my writing, because there's always so much going on. Every day there's a new experience to write about. I started writing at a very young age. I'm inspired by many authors. While serving a ten-year sentence in prison, I wrote eight novels and taught myself Spanish, which I use here and there in my stories. I also wrote plays for Ciaros. For me, writing is therapy. I can't remember exactly what triggered my desire to write stories, but my life has changed ever since. Life, with all it has to offer visually, makes me want to put what I see into words.

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  1. The story of this book is reminding me a series ''Narcos'' about Pablo Escobar. After watching these series I learned that behind every Drug Baron is hidden a very deep and powerful story. This book seems to be also one of those deep stories, that I love so much!

    1. Oh, yes, I do remember that TV series with Pedro Pascal.
      Hope you like this one.