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Book Review | WARREN THE 13TH AND THE 13-YEAR CURSE by Tania del Rio, Will Staehle


   Warren the 13th and the 13-Year Curse by Tania del Rio
Illustrator: Will Staehle
Series: Warren the 13th, Book #3
Publication Date: October 1, 2019
Publisher: Quirk Books
Genre: Middle-Grade Adventure
Rating: ★★★★★

An illustrated middle-grade fiction series with Gothic and Victorian overtones featuring the misadventures of a cursed 12-year-old bellhop trying to save his family's hotel from the clutches of evil.

At the conclusion of the second book in the Warren the 13th series, The Warren Hotel had transformed into a giant ship and set sail for the open seas! When Warren 3 opens, Warren is adjusting to the demands of running a floating hotel and is planning his 13th birthday party when disaster strikes--the hotel is shipwrecked on a strange island. To make things worse, his octopus-like friend Sketchy is kidnapped by a traveling circus! Warren and his friends must solve a series of riddles to find the next location of the circus and rescue their friend before it's too late. Along the way, they meet a new cast of characters, including some elderly pirates, a sea witch, a talking clam, and a giant sea monster. As Warren pursues Sketchy's kidnappers, he will learn the truth of his friend's mysterious origins--as well as one final secret of the Warren Hotel.-Goodreads

This is the 3rd book in the series, but it works perfectly as a standalone story. After reading the first two books, I’ve been very curious about what happens next for Warren. The story launched from where book two left off and the Warren Hotel was having a grand time sailing away. But now at 13, there’s a curse hovering above Warren’s head.

These books are placed as Middle-Grade Fiction. Nevertheless, Tania del Rio made these books relatively easy and perfect for a read-aloud that even younger Middle-Graders can enjoy them. Or even if your kids aren’t proficient readers yet, Will Staehle’s two-toned illustrations can boost their imagination effortlessly. The gothic feel they imbue is rather perfect for the story.

WARREN THE 13TH AND THE 13-YEAR CURSE is a great adventure filled with diverse characters (even nasty pirates) that have rare surprises up their sleeves and an impressive rescue mission. Despite his probable curse, Warren remains resolute, optimistic, and completely kind. His character brings out the good in people and that’s what I love most about these books. People never thought twice helping Warren or doing kindness for him in return.

The Warren the 13th series is filled with adventures and people you very much want your kids to meet. If you haven’t started on them yet, please get your copies soon. I heartily recommend these books.

*Thank you for sharing this amazing ride, Will and Tania. I'll miss Warren, but I also know that he's off to new adventures. Instead, I'll bid him and both of you farewell.


About the Author and Illustrator:
Tania Del Rio is a professional comic book writer and artist who has spent the past 10 years writing and illustrating, primarily for a young audience. Her clients include Archie Comics, Dark Horse, and Marvel; she is best known for her work writing and drawing the 42-issue run of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She is also the author of the WARREN THE 13TH series published by Quirk Books. She lives in Los Angeles.

Will Staehle grew up reading comics and working summers at his parent’s design firm in Wisconsin. He was Art Director for HarperCollins Publishers in NY, the VP of Design at JibJab in LA, and has been labeled by Print Magazine as one of the Top Twenty Under Thirty New Visual Artists, an Art Director’s Club Young Gun, and has also exhibited a solo show of work at the Type Director’s Club. Will’s work has appeared in various design annuals and he’s also contributed to the AIGA’s 50 books / 50 covers exhibit.

Currently, Will resides in Seattle, WA — where he runs Unusual Co. He uses his design and illustration background to create bold covers, stylized posters, quirky websites, and mini-comics to ensure that he gets as little sleep as possible.

*Thanks to Quirk Books and Netgalley for the digital copy in exchange for this unbiased review.
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