Thursday, March 19, 2020

Book Spotlight | JAIRUS'S GIRL by L.R. Hay

About the Book:

March 17, 2020
Salted Lightly
Funny, accessible, and moving kids'-eye view of the Jesus story - aimed at pre-teens, though some adults have sneakily read and enjoyed it too.

Tammie's life in a quiet fishing town would never be the same. Her future wasn't looking good (*understatement!*) but things quickly went from bad to WICKED with the arrival of a strange grown-up with nice eyes.

And as for the business with Daniel's lunch or Dibs's roof...

JAIRUS'S GIRL will be part of The Young Testament, a series on the life of Jesus, but with the children and young people as the main characters.

Next up, a prequel: JOSEPH'S BOY - a kids'-eye view of the first Christmas!


About the Author:

Lynn Robertson Hay's writing covers a number of episodes for BBC TV, film, radio, and theatre - winning an award from the Writers' Guild of Great Britain. As an actor, she's played parts ranging from Lady Macbeth to Mole, and was last seen wielding a rolling pin as Andy Capp's wife Flo. Her one-woman show has played in a variety of venues, including the only part of Glastonbury Abbey still standing (not her fault). Lynn's claim to fame is that she once won an episode of quiz show Fifteen to One.

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