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A beautiful, life-affirming novel 
about a remarkably loving man 
who creates for himself and others
second chances at happiness. -Goodreads

Elizabeth Berg put together [probably] the most unlikely people together in this story… and they turned out to be very charming.

Arthur is an octogenarian and a widower, whose everyday highlight is visiting his dead wife at the local cemetery. Meanwhile, Maddy is a bullied teenager, who lost her mother very early after she was born, leaving her to his distant and unaffectionate father. And Lucille is Arthur’s neighbor, who waited all her life for true love to happen.

At the center of this heartwarming story is a makeshift family. They’ve built a home abound with kindness and rooms for consideration. A simple structure, really, allowing them to forget the troubles and awful of the outside world, and focus on seeing the good in people. Unlikely people, yes, but home nonetheless.

I love Berg’s take on people. I love her characters, including their flaws. I’m glad she gave her characters another motivation in life. I’m glad to have met Arthur and wishing there’d be more like him in the world. I’m happy knowing that his kindness survived him and will continue effecting.

THE STORY OF ARTHUR TRULUV is Book #1 of the Mason series.

About the book:
Title: The Story of Arthur Truluv
Author: Elizabeth Berg
Publication: November 21, 2017, by Random House
Genre: Fiction
Rating: ★★★★★


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