Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Wednesday Spotlight | THE ORANYN by Xavi Lang

January 27, 2019

About the book:


As the last Oranyn, Elia Egerton was smuggled from another world to be hidden on Earth from those who would have her dead. She is the only one who can bring the cores together and awaken the Seven Elysares, the only one who can stop Astrofyr’s sun from collapsing.

Living on Earth for the past decade, Elia has put that all behind her. She has found a family she cares about and a place she can belong to, but all that is about to change. When a creature of the Avisadis attacks, Elia is left for dead.

Now, together with an insistent healer, a forgotten ruler, and a mysterious map-keeper, Elia must return to her ancestral home and embark on a journey of terrible ordeals to end a brewing war that threatens the ones she loves.

About the Author:

Xavi Lang was born in Zamboanga City, Philippines and grew up in Mandaluyong City. Reading classic novels, middle-grade fiction series and comic books at an early age strengthened her love for books and for writing poems and stories. She graduated with B.S. Nursing from Jose Rizal University and passed her board exam in 2009. Aside from being a registered nurse, Xavi was also a commercial and magazine model, a Miss Mandaluyong winner, an indie-film actress, and a copywriter for a BPO company. She immigrated to Canada in 2012 and currently works as a nurse educator but becoming a fantasy author is her ultimate dream job. With no formal training in creative writing, Xavi attended writing workshops across the Greater Toronto Area and worked on her first fantasy novel, The Oranyn. She now resides in Toronto, Canada with her husband and their son.

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