Friday, October 4, 2019

STARDUST by Neil Gaiman

Faerie, a vast land beyond the small village of Wall, where all manner of beings and creatures exist. Tristan Thorn, an enthusiastic young man, set out on a journey through this enchanted land to find the fallen star that will bring him his heart’s desire. Little did he know that his fated journey was exactly just that and perhaps more.

Gaiman did a fantastic job of creating a very charming adult fairy tale. A delicious plot that will draw you into a mystic fairyland and expand your imagination - of witches, and far-off kingdoms, and magic. His words are pure and simple, and yet they are timeless and unbounded. He made his characters significant in a way that you can vividly picture them in your head. I was amazed by how he mingled the sub-plots and fused them all together in the end. The story is a good illustration of how the hands of Fate works. A wonderful story!

I just wish he did tell what happened to the little hairy man.

Book detail:
Title:  Stardust
Author:  Neil Gaiman
Published: HarperCollins, December 23, 2008
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: ★★★★


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