Monday, May 6, 2019


Have you died? No, of course not. Not yet anyway.  Jude Allman did. Three times, in fact, since he was eight years old. This is not about a few minutes of crossing over and getting revived at the last second. No, this is the declared, in-the-morgue, ready-for-autopsy, kind of dead. I mean, this is the hallelujah, miracle kind of waking up from the dead.

“There must be a very good reason why you're still here, because there are thousand reasons why you shouldn't be.”

Unfortunately, Jude has "Jonah Syndrome". He wants to run from God and his calling. He's a simple chap, who wants a simple life with no complication from the Higher Being's manipulations. No, it wasn't a whale that swallowed him whole, it was a life of self-ostracism. Not acknowledging God's purpose is one thing -waking up from death three times but not living life to the fullest- while ignoring your gift is another.

This book is T.L. Hines' debut. The first line of this book hooked me instantly. Pushed all the right buttons for me. I love the twists and turns. The blend of spirituality and thriller is brilliant. See how Jude Allman embraced God, and his gift; while getting the most of the nerve-racking suspense in this novel.

Book details:
Title:  Waking Lazarus
Author:  T.L. Hines
Publication:  May 1, 2007; Bethany House
Genre:  Christian Fiction, Mystery
Rating:  ★★★★


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