Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wednesday Spotlight | LITERARY BOOK GIFTS

Hi, friends! Today’s post is something rarely special.

I came across this amazing literary gift shop that highlights some exemplary items that not only fits snugly into everyday life but stoutly promotes books and reading, as well. LITERARY BOOK GIFTS sells high-quality products I’m sure every bookworm would like to have. I should know, right?

And hey, there’s a huge discount for you. 😉 *wink 

Discounts available for TPW readers. Hurry!
About the Gift Shop:

I started the small web-based gift shop Literary Book Gifts as a way to turn some of my favorite classic novels into vintage designed tote bags and tees. The store is quite new, less than a year old. I do all the design work in-house to make sure each and every piece captures the story, characters, or feeling of the novel.

I was inspired to start this business because I believe that amazing novels, like the ones in the collection, deserve to have a place in today's society. This way we can discuss them and ultimately pass our favorite books onto new readers.

Each tote bag comes in three different sizes. These are not your standard cotton canvas totes, they are made of high-quality polyester with black cotton handles. The entire outer fabric of each tote bag is in a different color. So the Black Beauty Tote Bag has a khaki color as the background, while the Moby Dick Tote Bag is in a dark navy. This way you can choose not only the design but the background color, this really helps to customize the design and color that is best for your personal style.

All the designs that come on totes also come on tees for men and women. Take your pick of designs. There is a wide range from Frankenstein to Pride and Prejudice. There is a wide variety of sizes and colors for each and every design. - Melissa, LBG

THEPAGEWALKER20 is an exclusive promo code that can be used at checkout. It is good for 20% off anything, and it does not expire! 

Thanks, Melissa.

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