Monday, February 26, 2018

Say It With A Book #11 | The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

With Guest Book Reviewer | Alexa Sienes

I've seen people constantly recommending Sarah Dessen books in my Goodreads feed for years now (most of the ladies in my book club have read at least one, I'm sure), and I always see her books in bookshops as well, but for some reason, I've never really been compelled to read any of them. I'd say perhaps I judged the books based on their cover, but I've read (more than) enough "trashy" books to know that isn't the case. At any rate, I've always found some other book to read other than Sarah Dessen's books. Until now.

It was pretty funny how it started, actually. We were challenged by our book moderator of the month at The Filipino Group, Maria, to read a YA book and post a review, and since this was one of the books I had on hand (I didn't say I didn't have copies, only that I never actually got around to reading them), I might as well read it, seeing as I didn't have the time to look for anything else.

Long story short, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I expected a tired romance plot with cliche characters that I've seen millions of times, but I'm happy to report that no, that's not really the case. Beyond Macy's development from a timid and mousy pushover to a strong and almost-fearless woman, I genuinely enjoyed her relationships with the other characters - her control freak mother, her daring sister Caroline, and especially the endearing Wish team: scatter-brained Delia, confident Kristy, "sa-woon"-worthy Wes, Bert who always looks at the dark side of life, and even half-robot Monica.

It wasn't a mystery, the way the story ended. It's something you can kind of expect from the beginning, but what I liked about this book was the process of how Macy started moving on. I liked seeing how she changed for the better, because even if at the start I was pretty frustrated with her life choices, I really couldn't help wishing the best for her. When she finally got to do what she had to do, I practically swelled with pride, even though it was inevitable anyway, which just goes to show how great Sarah Dessen is with her characters.

Beyond the sweet romance with Wes that I expected (which I got slow-burn style, just the way I liked it), I also got a story that dealt with loss, relationships, moving on, and the truth about forever with more depth and heart than I imagined. If the rest of Sarah Dessen's books are like this, then I can clearly see why there would always be people reading and reviewing them in my feed. I'm already one of them, after publishing this review. Who knows, this might not even be the last.

About Alexa:

Alexa is one of my TFG babies. I cannot tell you enough how much I am proud of her. She is very lively, talented, and a bad-ass doctor-in-the-making. And it's her birthday month.

TPW:  What is your favorite genre?
Alexa:   I love sci-fi and young/new adult. One brings me out of this world and the other helps me understand myself and my world better!

TPW:  How do you define yourself as a reader?
Alexa:  I'm a polygamist reader! I can't just stick to reading one book at a time, because I get antsy reading about the same thing after a while (unless the book is something I really can't put down). I always make it a point to finish everything I start though!

TPW:  Yes, I do say you are a finisher. You never back down from a challenge. Thank you for sharing your review and Godspeed to your studies. Happy birthday, again, baby!
Alexa:  Thanks so much for inviting me as well! :)


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