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Book Review | DAWN STUDY by Maria V. Snyder

January 31, 2017
DAWN STUDY is the much-awaited conclusion of the Study Series by Maria V. Snyder. Although I am very sad to say goodbye to this series and its characters, I can’t help feeling contented on how everything came together in the end.

Sitia and Ixia are still on the verge of war. In spite of Yelena’s magicless status, she and her enigmatic husband, with their motley crew, must find a way to defeat the rogue magicians, overturn the Cartel, and free the Commander from the influence of Owen Moon. On top of that, they are desperate to keep their family together by avoiding assassins and bring their child safely into the world.

I just love reading how our power couple, Valek and Yelena, grew equally dependent on each other’s guidance, yet remains to be independent powerful individuals. The turn of tides -Yelena being magicless, while Valek just gained his- brought forth more of themselves and marveled at those revelations. They both remain strong and trusting despite the odds and challenges in every turn. I like how Ms. Snyder inserted certain qualities that working couples should learn and keep. That’s one of the interesting elements in this series, there’s always a lesson here.

I will also (of course) miss the rest of the gang. This series introduced a number of characters, every one of them are truly unique and fun. They dragged us through different adventures with their quips and cranks that drove us crazy but kept us asking for more. I definitely will not forget about them. 

Thank you, Ms. Snyder, for this wonderful series.

And needless to say, I  do recommend this series. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Book details:
Title:  Dawn Study
Series:  Study Series #6
Author:  Maria V. Snyder
Publication:  January 31, 2017; by MIRA
Genre:  Fiction, Fantasy
Rating: ★★★★

*Study Series
#1 Poison Study
#2 Magic Study
#3 Fire Study
#4 Shadow Study
#5 Night Study
#6 Dawn Study

*Thank you, Mira, for the galley.


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