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Book Review | THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE by Heidi Heilig

February 16th, 2016 by Greenwillow Books
March 3rd, 2016 by Hot Key Books

It was the kind of August day that hinted at monsoons, and the year was 1774, though not for very much longer.
Sixteen-year-old Nix Song is a time-traveler. She, her father and their crew of time refugees travel the world aboard The Temptation, a glorious pirate ship stuffed with treasures both typical and mythical. Old maps allow Nix and her father to navigate not just too distant lands, but distant times - although a map will only take you somewhere once. And Nix's father is only interested in one time, and one place: Honolulu 1868. A time before Nix was born, and her mother was alive. Something that puts Nix's existence rather dangerously in question...

Nix has grown used to her father's obsession, but only because she's convinced it can't work. But then a map falls into her father's lap that changes everything. And when Nix refuses to help, her father threatens to maroon Kashmir, her only friend (and perhaps, only love) in a time where Nix will never be able to find him. And if Nix has learned one thing, it's that losing the person you love is a torment that no one can withstand. Nix must work out what she wants, who she is, and where she really belongs before time runs out on her forever. ~Goodreads

Heidi Heilig penned a very impressive debut. Creating a seamless timeline for time-traveling is not easy, but she effortlessly did it. Heilig introduced a new sense of time-traveling that details every curve and rocks of a shoreline, possible only through a meticulously-inked map. The authenticity of the settings is vivid and concrete, both the scenery and culture.

The incredible premise is made stable by the steady building plot. It’s easy to follow and very convincing. Replete of poetic prose with the addition of the characters’ easy jibe and wit, the narration is simply enjoyable.

I love this diversity of characters, their individual distinction is engaging.  They are fleshed out enough to retain a certain amount of mystery. Perhaps, it’s Heilig’s unspoken promise for the coming sequel. Their relationships are very intriguing as well, especially, Nix and Slate’s stained father-daughter partnership, which is exceedingly fascinating since there is also an unquestionable amount of respect moving around their ship. And although there is also romance on the plot, I really like how Heilig downplayed it to give more focus on the adventure and the gathering details.

THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE is a product of both hard research and great imagination. You can’t go wrong with that! Pre-order your copies now.

Book details:
Title:  The Girl from Everywhere
Series:  The Girl from Everywhere #1
Author:  Heidi Heilig
Publication:  February 16th, 2016 by Greenwillow Books
                         March 3rd, 2016 by Hot Key Books
Genre:  YA, Historical Fiction
Rating: ★★★★

*Thanks to Hot Key Books and Netgalley for the digital galley in exchange for this unbiased review.


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