Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday Spotlight | The Time Key by E.L. Durant

About the Book:
On a school trip to historic Minerva Hall, popular troublemaker Luke Morgan, and loner Chyna Blue, are reluctantly thrust together in the hope that each will be a positive influence on the other. But then they are drawn through a painting and travel back in time.

With only their twenty-first century wits, and a few modern day gadgets to help them, they must outwit a relentless Persian soldier, evade a mountain lion, and escape slave traders. They also have to learn to get along in order to trace a route home.

Then, a mysterious Samurai warrior informs them that the multiverse behind the paintings is much more complicated and far-reaching than they could ever have imagined, and that their destiny is not what they had once presumed. 

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About the Author:
I write for no other reason than I enjoy it deeply. I like the challenge of making a story work. I get a thrill from tinkering with the structure, of creating characters that I care about, and of manipulating a plot that unravels unpredictably, yet logically. I like to write myself into a corner and then see how I can escape. To me, writing is a puzzle I like to spend my time trying to solve.

When my children were small and I used to read to them, they had their favourites. Bizarrely, my son used to like a Ladybird book about Florence Nightingale, I never understood that. But my daughter preferred me to freestyle new stories to her, and The Time Key grew from there. Originally the Princess of Sarcasm, I wanted to find out if I could pull together the different worlds we used to create together and solve the puzzle of writing for a different age group.

My greatest thrill in life now, is seeing my children enrich their lives through books, and I like to think I played my part in that. It’s a presumed legacy that gives me a greater sense of achievement than anything I might create. I would much rather my headstone read ‘he was a good father’ than ‘he wrote books’.

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