Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wednesday Spotlight | The Secret of Sinbad's Cave by Brydie Walker Bain

About the Book:
Nat Sheppard’s world is turned upside down on the first day of the school holidays by the discovery of a secret room containing cave maps with clues to an ancient treasure. But Nat and her friends soon discover they’re not the only ones chasing the jewels. Professional treasure hunters are on the trail – and they’re prepared to eliminate anyone in their way.

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About the Author:
Brydie Walker Bain is a playwright, poet and children's author. 

She studied History and Theatre & Film at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and furthered her studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

Back in New Zealand, she worked as an adventure cave guide for The Legendary Black Water Rafting Company, jumping off waterfalls, abseiling into caves and pretending to be her childhood hero MacGyver. 

Brydie's plays have enjoyed readings in London, rave reviews and sell out audiences in Auckland, Hamilton and Waitomo. Her latest project is The Natnat Adventures. This young adult series successfully launched with 'TheSecret of Sinbad's Cave,' and continues with 'TheShip of Sight and The Hand of Shadow.'

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