Friday, May 15, 2015


Crime Series.

Who Buries the Dead (Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery, #10) by CS Harris

This latest installment in the series is set in London, 1813. A plantation owner in Jamaica and eclectic collector, Stanley Preston, was found decapitated at the Bloody Bridge. The crime itself was gruesome enough, but when a coffin strap was found with the inscription “King Charles, 1648” Devlin was doubly intrigued.

Men after another are dropping as Devlin digs into the root of the crime. He and his wife, Hero, soon found out firsthand the dangers these investigations are rousing. Devlin’s suspects run from the Home Secretary to Devlin’s previous senior officer during the war, and to Jane Austen’s brother (yes, that Jane).

I enjoy reading this series not just because Sebastian St. Cyr is a great protagonist, but because Ms. Harris is a great historian. Her writing always grabs me from the first page. Her detailed description of London comes alive, from the high streets to the down-trodden Fish Street. This is a very enjoyable read despite the macabre subject.

Book details:
Title:  Who Buries the Dead
Author:  CS Harris
Publication:  NAL, March 3, 2015
Rating: «««««

The Geneva Strategy (Covert-One, #11) by Jamie Freveletti

High government officials are being kidnapped around the US capital. All of them are involved in the drone military program. The Covert-One team is mobilized to recover these missing people. Along the way, Jon Smith has to figure out the connection between his recent run with some furtive men trying to abduct him with a drone in tow, and Fort Detrick’s institutionalized researcher Dr. Laura Taylor and her research on a memory drug.  

This is Ms. Freveletti’s 2nd contribution to the series. Her story outline and foundation are very interesting. The momentum flows very well, never hard to follow. I admire Ms. Freveletti’s effort in handling this series, seriously I do. But I didn't enjoy this the way I used to. It feels like she’s stirring the characters in a different direction. This series started with great and rounded characters, built slowly over time. And readers have invested in them for a long time. To give them a sudden shift is like reading a diluted version of them.

I do, of course, realize that Robert Ludlum is one hard act to follow. It’s just that I always look forward to this series and expected a lot.

Book details:
Title:  The Geneva Strategy
Author:  Jaime Freveletti
Creator:  Robert Ludlum
Publication:  Grand Central Publishing, February 3, 2015
Rating:  «««½

Lemon Meringue Murder (Hannah Swensen, #4) by Joanne Fluke

Summer in Lake Eden is always something to look forward to, especially the July 4th parade and fireworks. The Cookie Jar is thriving and they are now selling pies every Friday. People swarm the place with pre-orders every time. Norman Rhodes bought the house near the lake from Rhoda Scharf. He plans to demolish everything down and built their “dream house” on top of it. With Norman’s permission and assistance, Hannah and her mother, Delores, agreed to scout the place for some antiques worthy of resale.

When they arrived, they are welcomed with a box of Hannah’s very own Lemon Meringue pie laid on the kitchen counter with only a slice eaten off. But the real surprise is Delores’ discovery of Rhoda’s dead body down in the basement.

This is one cozy series. I like how this is growing on me and the characters, too. A good, easy read. And the recipes are plus factors, no doubt.

Book details:
Title:  Lemon MeringueMurder
Author:  Joanne Fluke
Publication:  Kensington; First Edition edition, March 1, 2003
Rating:  «««


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