Thursday, November 27, 2014

DWELLERS by Eliza Victoria

Family Secrets.

Dwellers by Eliza Victoria
The story started with these two cousins who can inhabit another person’s body. Their present hosts are brothers Louis and Jonah, bachelors living in an affluent village, both IT professionals.

These dwellers' abilities go back in history. They came from a well-off clan, very private, but were never reluctant to amassing their wealth and holdings. But in spite of their power, it was strictly prohibited among them to exercise their abilities without justification and always as a last resort. They set rules that they need to follow carefully.

This is Eliza Victoria’s latest book, and I am really glad to find it very easy to read and engaging. The pacing and the direction of the story are really good, driving the reader to make second guesses as to what’s ahead. It was really fun making “what if scenarios” as I read. And that, for me, is a good mystery. 

Victoria was careful not to focus on the whole magical system, but elements were divulged to make the background story of the clan enticing enough –incantations, symbols, rape, and incest. It took her less than 200 pages to make a very interesting read.

And to make this story more delicious, the mystery is not about the clan’s magical powers. It’s about the dead body the boys found in the basement.

Book details:
Title:  Dwellers
Author:  Eliza Victoria
Publisher:  Visprint, Inc.
Publication:  June 2014
Genre:  Fiction
Rating:   ★★★


F2F35 @Filipino Reader Conference,
Bayanihan Center.
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  1. Loved the writing. Especially how Eliza Victoria managed to create such a chillingly, creepy atmosphere. :)

  2. Hi, Louize! I'm currently reading now because I got curious with all your posts. (Actually, I haven't read any reviews yet about this novel because, you know, spoilers. Hehehehehe. I'm enjoying it!

    By the way, Moon over Manifest was my best read a few years ago. And I see that you're moderating a Vanderpool next year for TFG. Would you know where I can get a copy? I've always wanted one.

  3. Hi, Peter. Yes, we're going to discuss Navigating Early by Vanderpool. I've called Fullybooked BGC earlier, they may be able to accommodate a group order. But I was hoping to pass that job to someone in the group who has direct contact with the branch people.

    We'll also make a different accommodations for ebook readers, of course. :)

    1. You are, of course, more than welcome to join us on the online and F2F discussion! ♥