Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Project 17 by Eliza Victoria

Girl X

I had the pleasure of receiving this from Lynai last Christmas. It’s a fast-paced Sci-fi mystery. Written in short chapters, it’s very easy to breeze through the book. The plot is imaginative, and it’s obvious that Ms. Victoria made good research. The dialogues fun and I totally dig the story setting, too.

The characters were interesting; I just hope that they were fleshed out more. It would be fun knowing the characters more than their contribution to the plot.

It was exciting reading about the futuristic Philippines, all those advanced science and technology is awesome to imagine, very believable. Some scenes probably felt flat or rushed, but the story was justly narrated. The reader in me just wishes for a protracted conclusion. On the whole, this is a read that will tweak your love for science and mystery.

“Justice can only be delivered by someone who doesn't care about how much he's paid, or where he is in the chain of command. Someone who's ego won't be inflated by grandeur or power. Someone who won’t be influenced by this guy's being a CEO of this or his being a Mayor of that. And let's face it: that someone couldn't be human.”

Book details:
Title:   Project 17
Author:  Eliza Victoria
Publisher:  Visprint, Inc.
Published:  September 7, 2013
Genre:  Science Fiction


  1. I am really glad you loved the book, Mommy Louize. Sending you this was actually book-shoving, but this time I'm glad I did. Hehe. Now, to get myself my own copy. :)

    1. Thank you ulit, Lynai. I am also on the lookout for her other books. ♥