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First Glimpse | Sapphire's Divinity by Justine Winter

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Cover Reveal | Sapphire's  Divinity by Justine Winter

The sequel to Nature's Destiny is coming out on August 27, and Justine Winter allowed us a very enticing first glimpse of the book cover.

Title:  Sapphire's  Divinity
Author:  Justine  Winter
Release  Date:  27th  August  2014

Genre:  Paranormal  Romance
About the Book:

I  was  a  hybrid  werewolf  with  a  secret  destiny  shadowed  by  a  prophecy  the  Ancient  Guardians  foretold.  The  same  Ancient  Guardians  that  had  organized  the  annual  Alpha  summit  Riley  had  been  summoned  to.

Since  Jackson's  demon  threat  everyone  was  powered  up  on  overtime  at  the  gym.  Train, sweat, repeat.  Train, sweat, repeat.

But all that rage-filled preparation wasn’t enough.  We  were  being  targeted  by  something  new,  and  it  didn't  stop  there.

The summit was proving to be my nemesis.  Egotistical  morons  challenged  me  with  threats  to  the  one  I  loved,  and  I  knew  I  couldn't  endure  a  life  without  Riley.

Besides  all  of  that,  there  was  one  thing  I  was  finally  understanding  about  the  supernatural.  Nothing was as it seemed.

Not even me.

Find more about Justine Winter here.

Nature's Destiny is currently on sale on this sites:
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