Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Required Reading: June 2014

I am glad that the heat we suffer is finally receding.  Showers and thunderstorms come much too often nowadays. But storms and floods will not be far behind. Anyways, before this post becomes a weather report, I hope intimate reading would be more possible for me. Let's look back to what I've read last May.
  • White Teeth by Zadie Smith -4/5 stars- This was a leak from April, a really good read.
  • The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield -5/5 stars- This was beautifully written, enjoyed it very much.
  • To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf -4/5 stars- Juliet Stevenson's narration is something to behold, really.
  • Project 17 by Eliza Victoria -4/5 stars- A very well-thought plot and setting, and a Sci-fi to boot.
  • The Medea Complex by Rachel Florence Roberts -3/5 stars- A good debut that possibly can be better if given good editing.
  • Season of the Witch by Natasha Mostert -3/5 stars- This is pure seduction on clairvoyance and witchcraft, but not really an easy read.
Obviously, I owe some written thoughts and need to post them soon. I hope to write them before June's demands take over, mid-year is always busy for me. In anticipation, I chose two books I promised to read in exchange for honest reviews, plus the book I worked so hard to campaign for TFG's book of the month.

  • Follies Past: A Prequel to Pride and Prejudice by Melanie Kerr
  • Previously Loved Treasures by Bette Lee Crosby
  • The City and the City by China MiĆ©ville

By the way, it's raining. Don't forget to bring an umbrella when you go out. ♥


  1. So you also campaigned for The City and the City? This book made history in our book club as the first ever book to upset the offline votes. But could it live up to its reputation? I'm on chapter 3 and so far, I'm confused, haha!

    1. Yes, I did. And if it turned out to be bad, I'm going to bury myself! LOL
      There will be a lot of struggle for non-fantasy readers, mostly. The book is detective noir, and China is well-known for using weird names and neologisms. On a lighter note, previous readers commented that it was only the first parts that are hard to get through. :)

  2. I hope to be able to read The Thirteenth Tale soon - my copy has been patiently sitting on my shelf for more than 2 years now! :D

  3. Let me acquit you then for such a delay, because I have read it after 3 years a friend gave it to me. :)

  4. Oh I must listen to Julie Stevenson. I thought it best not to go the audio book route for a modernist novel first timer like me. And Lol! at burrying yourself. I don't think you'd be doing that anytime soon. I'm somewhere in the end of Chapter 5 and it's pretty engaging. And yes, the foreign names are a little tough to keep track of. But as long as I get the important ones straight, Borlu, Corwi, Beszel, Fulana, Ul Quoma. Hahaha.

    1. Hi, Tin.
      For as long as the names are limited to 3 syllables, I will cope. Hehehehe

  5. Maria and I are going to read The Thirteenth Tale next month, and we're excited. White Teeth and Project 17 are in my wishlist, but I'm planning to reward myself of these two books after summer classes end, which is this week, so yay! :)

    Have a lovely June, Louize! <3

    1. Then I shall be obliged to eavesdrop on your buddy read! :)