Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wednesday Spotlight | UNDELIVERABLE by Rebecca A. Demarest

About the book:
When Benjamin Grant’s son disappeared a year ago, he felt it was his duty as a father to do everything in his power to find his son, and he tried. He threw himself into the search, but his obsession left him without a home, wife, or job. Now, he’s managed to find work at the United States Postal Service’s Mail Recovery Center, which he hopes will prove an invaluable tool in his search. With the help of Sylvia—a kleptomaniac artist—Ben learns the ins and outs of a warehouse full of lost mail and explores every lead in his son’s case. But when that investigation leads him to Leonard Moscovich, Ben fears the worst.

About the Author:
Rebecca A. Demarest is an author, designer, and illustrator living in Boston, MA. She has had stories published in several journals including Epiphany and Far Off Places, and Undeliverable is her debut novel. In her spare time, she crochets, gardens, and goes climbing with her boyfriend.

Undeliverable is being produced in cooperation with the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children and $1 of the cover price from each sale goes to the center to help fund their efforts.

For more details about the book and how to get your copy, please visit Amazon.com.

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