Sunday, March 16, 2014

Book Review | THE EMISSARY by Marc Pietrzykowski

Sad Architecture

March 2014
Pski's Porch Publishing
It’s a common fact that old people love telling their stories, and Cameron Wright is more than ready to accommodate them –recording, painstakingly drafting the animations, and uploading them on YouTube. But there is a story older than Elder Grove, and it’s killing everyone.

That’s the only thing truly delightful about you, the way you make everything out of stories, yourselves, your buildings, your world, all from stories.

THE EMISSARY was an experience for me, to begin with.  I've read plenty of mystery novels before, but this is the first I've read it happening in a nursing home. I’m pretty sure death is a common thing to happen in such a place, but when mortality rate is way more than average, it’s highly suspicious. Who-did-it was not exactly the question, it was easy enough to deduce. It’s the “why” I wanted to unravel.

The plot is more on the eccentric side, but definitely readable and easy to follow. There were only a handful of characters to move around and they were all uniquely fleshed out. So, the beginning may be a bit slow, but when the murders start to happen it would be a breeze then.

The theme held more than just the queer elderly living in a nursing home, or the mysterious murders. There’s something a lot deeper, whether it is about life or entirely about death, that only the intended reader will come away with. Marc Pietrzykowski made sure that the telling is witty and humorous. I hope readers will find their copies soon.

Marc, thank you for sending me a copy, and Godspeed on the launch party.

Book details:
Title:  The Emissary
Publisher:  Pski's Porch Publishing
Publication: March 2014
Genre:  Fiction
Source:  Author
Rating: ★★★★


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