Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wednesday Spotlight | THE FAME GAME by Elizabeth Bell

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About the Book:

THE FAME GAME by Elizabeth Bell
Publication: April 22,, 2021
Publisher: Elizabeth Bell
What if your number one fan turned the world against you?

Cole Stevens is a famous actor on the rise.

Warren Templeton is his number one fan – obsessive to the point of borderline stalking.

When Cole rejects Warren’s advances, Warren fabricates a story which soon becomes a public scandal – and it seems the entire nation has turned against Cole.

As Warren fully embraces the limelight that once fell upon Cole, the disgraced actor is left to question Warren’s motives… Because is he truly a stranger?

The Talented Mr. Ripley meets Black Mirror: The Fame Game is a tale of trending twitter hashtags, the fragility of reputation, and the notion of fame in an age where social media has the final say.


About the Author:

Elizabeth Bell has been writing stories since the second grade. At the age of fourteen, she chose a pen name and vowed to become a published author. That same year, she began the Lazare Family Saga. It took her a couple decades to get it right. New generations kept demanding attention, and the saga became four epic historical novels.

After earning her MFA in Creative Writing at George Mason University, Elizabeth realized she would have to return her two hundred library books. Instead, she cleverly found a job in the university library. She works there to this day.

Elizabeth is an active member of the Historical Novel Society, and she loves chatting with fellow readers, writers, and history buffs. Visit her at

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